Beer Keg Hire Cape Town: Hire the keg, beer / gin, tap & the bar.

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We hire out a range of mobile beer & cocktail dispensing units to match your style of event.

Choose from any of the portable dispensing systems below and tell us what your event requirements are.
When you hire from us, you get a mobile bar of your choice, beer taps and all the cooling equipment you need. All you have to do it choose your beer, cocktail, cider or gin & tonic kegs!
Through some of our trusted associates, local microbreweries and industry moguls we can offer you SAB, craft beer keg hire and even cocktails on-tap.

Craft Beer On Tap

Choose from a selection of popular craft beer, ale, cider on tap. We also supply local brewery beers on tap. Contact us to find out more about options and sizes.

G&T On Tap

We offer a selection of G&T (Gin and Tonic) on tap. Find out more about options available.

Cocktails On Tap

There are also some popular cocktails available on tap. Contact us for more information.