No matter the occasion, beer on-tap is always a good idea. 

Craft beer is taking the world – and Cape Town – by storm, and at Baobar we are on board. So much so that we have created a dedicated department for mobile dispensing systems and keg rentals.  

So not only are we a portable bar manufacturing and rental company, but we now offer a Beer Keg Hire service offering to assist in getting you your favourite beer on-tap – anywhere you want. Simply add a tap to any of our portable bar units and get your favourite beer delivered to your door.  

We also offer G&T and other cocktails on-tap, so an all-in-one portable craft beer and gin bar is now a simple reality. From craft beer wedding bars, to a Pimm’s picnic in the park, to a gin-on-tap 30th birthday party, we have the capacity to set up a satellite bar and outdo (or alleviate) the main bar.  

Packages include staff, ice, garnish & glassware. 

Reduce your admin, reduce your waste, reduce your staff requirement. Think (and drink) beer on-tap.  

For more information on mobile dispensing systems and keg hire contact