Cape Town is home to over 100 Micro & Craft Breweries, but not everyone knows how to work a keg, nevermind arrange one. Craft Gin is also on everyone’s lips, but not everyone can slap together a hundred cocktails with ease.

Even commercial beer on-tap is a novelty at events – or even at home – yet dispensing systems and mobile tap units are pricey and not always user friendly.

Our mission at Baobar is to ease the process of sourcing and dispensing commercial beer, craft beer on tap and even cocktails on-tap, whether it is for a birthday party, a work function or an outdoor music festival.

We have a wide range of mobile bar units and dispensing systems that have been manufactured to be easy to use and add an organic element to your event. Take a look at our Speckled Keg or the Pallet Bar and Tap

We can also provide all the necessary bits and pieces that you’ll need to enjoy the contents – like glassware, ice, cocktail garnish and even a bartender to make sure everything is flowing smoothly!

We offer short and long term rentals on our mobile bars and dispensing equipment. You can also purchase the draught units or have one specifically designed and manufactured for your home.

We hope to be able to break down the barriers between you and your favourite craft beer.