We have recently had the pleasure of building a bespoke flatpack melawood bar unit for IntelliCup – a local company on an international level that are changing the game in beverage dispensing.

In our experience with dispensing systems, there are many ‘bottom-pouring’ systems that have been developed and introduced in the recent years, but none of them as ‘smart’ as IntelliCup. This is a fully integrated, cashless “perfect serve” system that not only significantly increases profitability but delivers unprecedented levels of data while doing it.

After assembling our bar unit and connecting all the dispensing systems’ technically superior bits and pieces, we popped into Hey Joe Brewing Co. in Franschhoek – a new force to be reckoned with in the Cape Town Craft Beer community – and plugged in some of Cape Town’s finest kegs of Belgian-inspired craft beer.

What a pleasure to watch one of our custom-built portable bar units connected up to the closest thing to A.I. beer has ever seen, pouring the perfect pint of Belgian Witbier in the most magnificent recently-opened Abbey style brewery. Not a bad day in the office.

For more information on IntelliCup, check out www.intellicup.com / www.facebook.com/intellicup. For more information on Hey Joe Brewing Co. check out www.heyjoebrewery.com / www.facebook.com/heyjoebrewingco. For details on bespoke bar design and manufacturing, click on www.baobar.co.za/services or contact info@baobar.co.za.