Every season in Cape Town brings with it its own supply and demand of relevant industries. We at Baobar strive to keep ahead of the curve and with each new cycle implement new bar designs and relative product diversification for the associated hospitality markets.

Whilst our Winters seems to be more product-based and Summers service-based, it is fortunate that at the end of each Season we have a whole new range of second hand bar units that are sold throughout Winter to make way for a new batch of new and improved portable bars & mobile tap systems for the new season. And so the system goes.

We are constantly designing and manufacturing new bars to improve efficiency and functionality with regards to weight, flat-pack-ability, transportability, setup time, cost and of course aesthetics.

Whether you are looking to hire a simple portable bar, a full plug-and-play bar installation or a mobile dispensing system, you can rest assured and know that what you are getting is both tried and tested as well as the best organic bar solution in the Western Cape.

Our bars are built to last, so we are constantly selling and reproducing new rental infrastructure so that you are always getting the best version of our product.

For a quick look at our Portable Bars and Mobile Dispensing Systems have a look at www.baobar.co.za or contact info@baobar.co.za for an obligation free quote.