At Baobar we design, manufacture, rent and sell portable bar infrastructure and mobile dispesning systems for events and festivals in the Western Cape. This is, essentially, what we do. However because we come from a service-related background in the bar industry a lot of our work (or at least requests and enquiries) come from a service-based offering. For this reason, we started Keg Hire – a mobile tap and keg rental service offering which focuses not only on the infrastructure but also the service and ultimately the experience, providing craft beer and even cocktails on tap.

As a result of this we often find ourselves chatting to beautiful folk in the craft beer (and more recently gin) industry who are whipping up their own crafty concoctions and who’s product we would love to offer from a Keg Hire perspective. This then opens up the inevitable conversation of internal infrastructure and dispensing systems and what point-of-sale they are currently using at events. If they are currently renting infrastructure and dispensing systems, they are better off purchasing – at the very least – the infrastructure (think long term!). You know who designs, manufactures and sells portable bar infrastructure and mobile dispensing systems for events and festivals in the Western Cape? We do.

We can push your product AND build you a handcrafted, flat-pack, durable (and sexy) piece of infrastructure to help you push your product even further. The bar is the ultimate point of sale for you, so why not give it the love and respect it deserves.

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