Baobar specialises in the design and manufacture of handcrafted portable bars and mobile tap units for events and festivals in and around Cape Town, as well as brands and mobile vendors such as microbreweries, coffee vendors, bar companies and food trucks.

Apart form craft beer and G&T on-tap, artisan coffee bars seems to be a staple at every event these days. Even nitro cold brew coffee on-tap is an option these days, which – for lack of a better word – we’ll also be tapping into in the near future

The word ‘artisan’ derives its meaning from non-mechanisation and craftsmanship, so your brand aesthetic and subsequent authenticity is important in selling your product. Simply said every artisanal tradesman needs to invest in their point of sale, and every mobile vendor requires that point of sale to be functional yet easily transportable.

Our mobile coffee bars are designed to your specifications in order to suit your coffee machine and more importantly your brand – anything from the more traditional rustic raw-pine look to slick illuminated melamine laminates and nitro dispensing systems. Most importantly however – as far as an asset for your business operations go – is the flatpackability and functionality of the unit. Even better than setting it up is packing it away and seeing the design and thought that went into the efficacy of your new piece of infrastructure.

Summer is almost over and even though it was one helluva season, it is time to invest in a portable coffee bar unit that not only makes life easier but makes your brand look sexy everytime you sell a hot cup of the daily grind.

For more information on portable coffee bars for the artisanal tradesman contact