The Tops at Spar Wine Show is South Africa’s favourite consumer wine event, hosting a dynamic wine experience in seven cities across South Africa. Having just crossed the halfway mark for 2019, the travelling roadshow has already conquered Durban, Joburg, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth – leaving a new kind of benchmark in its wake.

Fortunately for us, the production team behind the Wine Show required some flat-pack infrastructure to add to their already impressive inventory of show items. These guys roll into town like a circus, with a truck packed full of apple-crates that they use as production boxes – filled with all their gear – and piece by piece proceed to build a little microcosm of wine-consumption paradise.

If they didn’t think to use the empty apple crates as bar units we’d like to think we’d have built them some portable bars, but what we did build them was a trailer-load of theatre tables that they use in their wine theatre shows. Not like Shakespeare or puppet shows, but more like experiential wine tastings and informative talks by wine guru’s like Jon Meinking and new brand developments like the Tops at Spar Olive Brook wine range – check ‘em out if you like yourself some R-rated grapejuice! These guys know what they’re doing and it’s no wonder why Tops at Spar got them involved in the Wine Show roll-out.

Anywho. We had 6 days between Durban and Joburg in which to bat out 28 of these flat-pack theatre tables – including drive them up to Joburg in time for their Montecasino show. Needless to say, challenge accepted. Check out the build and resulting images below.

Now you have two reasons to check out the Tops at Spar Wine Show – 1. to experience this idustry-leading event and taste some of SA’s top wines from the best winemakers in the industry; and 2. to check out their awesome theatre tables 😉

Unfortunately the best part is watching 28 x 6 seater tables flatpack into a footprint no bigger than 4 pallets – you can see them in the image of the loaded truck. Puts the truck and its contents into perspective!

The Tops at Spar Wine Show continues its roadshow in the coming months with Pretoria, East London and Nelspruit destined for greatness. Make sure to get involved whenever you see the travelling winebury’s roll into town.

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